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..Rainy day in Brooklyn..

..Rainy day in Brooklyn..

Anonymous asked: Hello! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. I think I have similar curl pattern to yours, but just to be sure, can you tell me what yours is? I'm finding it difficult to categorise mine. Thank you!

Ehh i think 4a but idk I don’t pay attention to hair types because I don’t really see how they help lol you don’t need to categorize your hair to figure out what works for you. People ask me what hair type I have a lot but I just never understood why it matters lol. Me telling you a number and letter isn’t gonna help you figure out your hair yah know? Hope this helps anyway :)

Anonymous asked: do you get sad, when ur hair hair is in a knot, and it a mini ball of hair comes off? :((((((

Umm kinda…? No not really…like since I died my hair purple it’s been shedding a little more that usual but I’m like whatevs if anything goes wrong I’ll just chop it off and get the tapered cut I always wanted lol

Today was like…

Today was like…


NYC. Staten Island. Method Man with his girlfriend and muse Shortie, at home. 1995.

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This dance goes with everything

(songs in this video)

Freak Like Me- Adina Howard
Can You Stand The Rain- New Edition
Good Day- Ice Cube
Your Body- Pretty Ricky
Nite & Day- Al B. Sure!