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The Isley Brothers

—Between the Sheets

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I’m slightly depressed.

School starts next week and my flight back to NY is Thursday….but I still don’t have a dorm room. I’m on a non-guaranteed waiting list that has not budged all summer. (I don’t even think I want a dorm room because I don’t want to live with any random people and I need my own space to film and what not). But a studio apartment even in the shitiest parts of NYC is at LEAST$1400/month (not sure I wanna pay that). Idk what the heck to do but I need to do it within the next few days. Idk why I’m writing this here but I’m stressed af and this feels good lol.

thatfashionbloggur asked: Did you bleach your hair to get that purple? Or lighten it in anyway?

I lightened it with a blonde dye which obviously has some type of bleach in it lol but it’s not as strong which is good. But the ends of my hair wouldn’t lighten enough so I bleached them for like 8 minutes until they were slightly lighter than everything else. But I didn’t need to go full blonde for this. I’ll have a video with pics and explanations very soon. Oh and I did none of this myself. My mom is a professional hair stylist. Don’t try this at home lol